A few drabbles spawned in a thread on VAMB.  Various ratings... generally somewhat naughty.

A/N: Marauder_In_Disguise wrote: "And the next challenge...first line 'Well if this isn't a life of luxury, I don't know what is.'"


Not Such a Luxury


"Well if this isn't a luxury, I don't know what is."

"Shut up!"

"Beg your pardon?"

"You heard me, Chakotay. Shut up!"

"Oh come on, Kathryn. It's a giant hot tub. The biggest bath this planet has to offer." 

"Uh huh"

"You used to love tubs."

"Used to, yes."

"What's changed?"

"I've never before had to share one with a talaxian and his--"

“It's not Neelix's fault that someone forgot to tell him to wear a swimsuit."

"When we find out who's fault exactly it is, I will assign them the task of sewing one to his furry little body.”


July 27, 2010 

A/N: CaptKJaneway wrote: "New challenge: give me something involving alcohol and chocolate. :)" & Oparu had given me a cooking prompt the other day... I tried to cover both. It's a double drabble.




"Are you sure this is really a good idea, Kathryn?" Chakotay set the table in Kathryn's quarters as she retrieved their drinks from the replicator. Kathryn didn’t respond so he continued, "She thinks Neelix is a culinary master!” There was still no response. “She used to eat paste back on Ocampa. Paste!”

“Chakotay, I’m sure you’re overreacting.” Kathryn handed him a glass of wine, “This is Kes we’re talking about. We love her and she asked to cook us dinner because she loves us. So we’re going to sit here and eat it,” she raised her hand to stop him from interrupting, “and… enjoy it”

“Kathryn, I love you, but I wouldn’t eat anything you cooked without the assistance of a replicator.”

“Just for that, you get to do the honors,” she motioned for him to remove the lids from the dishes that Kes had already sent down.

“Kathryn, it’s chartreuse.”

“And moving. You forgot moving,” she quickly re-covered her dish as Chakotay did the same. Then slid her chair back out and returned to the replicator, “We can always evade the ‘How was dinner?’ question with a generic ‘good.’” She addressed the replicator, “Two bowls of rum chocolate ice-cream.” 


August 6, 2010 


A/N: CaptKJaneway wrote: "My request: Must include the words zucchini, big bad wolf, and big red truck!!"


Story Time


"...and then the big bad wolf was squished by the big red truck, freeing Little Red and her grandmother. And they all lived happily ever after. The end." 

Kathryn and Chakotay watched as Neelix sat with the children, answering questions about the tale he’d just told them. Story time had been his idea, and everyone seemed to enjoy it—the command team included. They always made an effort to come listen, even if just for a moment.

"Story time really is a big hit, but I don't know, I seem to remember the tale of Little Red Riding Hood a little differently,” Kathryn whispered to Chakotay.

“How so, Kathryn?”

“Well…I seem to recall a woodsman…not a truck.”

“Artistic license. Maybe they don't have woodsmen on Neelix's planet. Just wait till next week, Kathryn. I hear he plans to tell them the tale of Jack and the Giant Zucchini."

"Funny... I'd much rather go back to my quarters and you can tell me about Chakotay and the Giant Zucchini."



October 6, 2010 


A/N: CaptKJaneway wrote: "OK New challenge: Janeway Pissed at someone other than the command staff of Voyager or aliens."
(Probably not what she had in mind, but...)
"Hey, watch it," Chakotay yelped as he ducked out of the path of Kathryn's projectile book as he entered her quarters.

"I'm sorry, Chakotay.   I didn't realize you were there.  I was so enthralled with that thing,” she pointed to the floor where the book now lay, “that I lost all track of time.

“And what did ‘that thing’ ever do to you?” he asked as he retrieved it from the floor.

“Stupid book,” she growled.  “Stupid ending.  Stupid author.”

“Care to explain?”

“Doesn’t he know that the protagonist is always supposed to get her guy in the end and live happily ever after?  He’s not supposed to run off with some minor character brought in halfway through.”

“Blonde?” he asked.

“Blonde,” she confirmed.
“I think you should burn it,” he said with a completely straight face, causing her to laugh.

“Am I just being crazy?”

“A little,” he smiled.  “But I think you just wanted that book, to have as happy an ending as we have had,” he finished leaning in to kiss her.

“Did I mention the blonde had big boobs?” she asked against his lips.

"I'll burn it for you."


March 22, 2011


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