Making Babies

Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay loved each other very much.  



They had since way back when they were both still in their cardboard stasis boxes.

So it came as no big surprise when Kathryn let Chakotay in on a secret.


 She wanted them to have a baby.  


 He rather liked the idea too so they set to work trying to make one.



They tried... 


and they tried...

and they tried.

But they just couldn't do it so the scientist in Kathryn led her to further examine the situation.


 Upon realization that they were just plastic dolls and not anatomically correct, she decided that they had to approach this from a different angle...


They got some clay and set out to make a baby themselves.


They mixed it together... 

and boy were they surprised when they found out that they had enough to make two babies!

They placed their little buns in the oven and waited patiently for them to be born...err... done.


Kathryn spent the time crocheting blankies for her babies-to-be.

Being little plastic babies, they were also not anatomically correct, so as soon as they were done (and cooled enough), Chakotay decided to give his son his mark so they would be able to tell which baby was which.

They were so happy... 

Their little plastic family was complete!


(Or so they thought)


And they lived happily ever after.






Happy Birthday, Cori!




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