Voyager's resident Talaxian has a hard time keeping his clothing on.

Below are a few examples of what he doesn't want you to know... or maybe he does.






**Seriously... You've been warned!**





 *OK, suit yourself* 





 He had a portrait taken of him posing on something as furry as he and gave it as a birthday present to his favorite Captain...


 A well kept secret aboard Voyager is the Rum Vault.  Here Neelix takes a swim in the vault's rum filled pool.  I think we now know why most of the crew only drinks synthehol.


Preparing meals in the ships galley is one of his favorite pastimes.  Unfortunately he still hasn't gotten the hang of salad dressing...



 But his favorite pastime is hanging out on the holographic beach.  He only wishes that it was a nude beach...


Neelix certainly is a manly man! 


  Stay tuned for more, you never know where or when Neelix might take his clothes off next!


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